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1. Dress Code

  • Soft-spiked golf shoes or soft-soled shoes only on the course, no heels, cowboy boots , tank tops etc.

  • Neat & presentable clothing only. No ripped or soiled clothing.​

2. Liquor Policy

  • No alcoholic beverages other than those purchased at the golf course shall be permitted at the golf course shall be permitted anywhere on the premises. All non- permitted alcohols will be taken by golf course staff immediately.

3. No Walkers or Caddies 

  • Due to golf volumes and safety reasons under company insurance policy, no walkers or caddies are allowed, exception for a non golfer would be to rent a power cart.

  • Non-Golfers must pay for the cart and remain in the cart at all times. 

  • Players are limited to one non-golfing rider each. There is a rider charge for 18 holes.  

4. Junior Golfers [Age 9-17]

  • An adult guardian golfer must accompany all junior golfer under 13.

  • All players must have their own set of golf clubs and must get the approval of the golf services supervisor before they are allowed to play. 

  • Children under 8 are not permitted on the golf course for safety reasons unless otherwise authorized by the pro-shop

5. ​Cancellation Policy

  • To avoid any cancellation charges, tee times must be cancelled with at least 24hrs notice. If you call to cancel within 24hrs** and we can fill the tee time with an equal number of players, we will waive the cancellation charge. If we fill the tee time with less or no players, then the difference will be the cancellation charge. 

  • Cancelations are not accepted via voicemail, e-mail or text message. Must be called in or cancelled online.

  • No Show Policy*:
    If your group fails to show up to your tee time with no notice, giving us no opportunity to fill the tee time, then you will be charged for the number of players booked. 

  • In the event of inclement weather***: The cancellation fee may be waived if a phone call to Pro shop is made prior to the tee time.

*All charges will be processed shortly after the time of booking. 
**The more time you give the pro shop the better the chances are that we can fill the tee time again.
***inclement weather is decided based on the playability of the course and determined by Poppy Estate Golf Course staff.​

6. ​​Booking Tee Times & Starting Procedures

  • Everyone must check in in person at the Pro Shop prior to playing.

  • All games shall start on the first tee (with the exception of those days which have been designated crossovers by the Poppy Estate Golf Course Team) unless specific permission is, or directions to the contrary are, obtained from the Poppy Estate Golf Course Team. 

7. Online booking

  • Season Pass Holders (except Junior Season Pass Holders) can book a tee time up to 10 days  advance and Public players can book up to 7 days  in advance.

  • Golfer may book a tee time by calling pro-shop for 5 days advanced in normal business hours.  

  • Messages left on answering machines or e-mails will not be accepted as proper booking procedure

8. Power Cart Policies

  • Maximum of two players and two sets of clubs per golf cart.

  • Guests must be over the age of 19 or have a valid BC driver’s license to drive a power cart.

  • Must keep carts 30 feet away from the greens and tee boxes and keep the cart on paths only near these areas. Cart must stay on the cart paths on all Par 3s 

  • No junior will be allowed to operate a power car on his or her own


9. Rain Check Policy ​

    [Rain Checks Available: Early-Mid April to Early-Mid October]

  • Poppy Estate Golf Course will determine all stoppage of play as a result of inclement weather including lightning or the course superintendent deems the course is no longer suitable for play due to standing water on the green.  In both cases a two hours  waiting period will be observed before pro-rated rain check will be issued by the golf shop staff.

  • Rain check voucher is valid for 1 month, non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • No rain checks will be issued for all twilight tee times, nine holes tee times, or promotional days.

  • No rain-check on power cart


Poppy Estate Golf Course is not and shall not be liable for any claim, injury, lost, stolen or damage arising from the use or inability to use the site. Should any interruption occur with the site, whether within our control or not, we expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any damage, indirect, incidental, consequential special or special or exemplary that may result to any party including any user of this site.


Poppy Estate Golf Course may change these terms & conditions from time to time without notice.

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